The Ultra-cold AMO Physics group is a member of the FrPNC research collaboration, which is proposing a comprehensive experimental program of parity non-conservation studies in francium at the TRIUMF nuclear accelerator facility in Vancouver, Canada. The FrPNC collaboration is proposing the following measurements:

  1. Anapole moment: a precision measurement either by the method employed by Carl Wieman's group [C. S. Wood et al., Science 275, 1759 (1997)] or the one discussed here.
  2. "Standard" parity non-conservation measurement: a precision measurement of the weak mixing mixing angle, by measuring the degree of parity violation in the E1 forbidden 7S1/2 Y 8S1/2 transition. This is the "standard" method used in the cesium parity violation experiment [C. S. Wood et al., Science 275, 1759 (1997)]. The parity mixing in francium is expected to be a factor of 18 larger than in cesium.

   Francium is the most attractive atom in which to further improve the precision of atomic parity non-conservation measurements. Francium presents serious experimental challenges, but these have been overcome for the most part. The francium atom remains the atom with largest expected parity non-conservation signals and the simplest theory with which to interpret the results.

For further information on parity non-conservation experiments in francium, please see

   J. E. Simsarian, S. Aubin, J. S. Grossman, L. A. Orozco, M. Pearson, G. D. Sprouse, and W. Z. Zhao
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FrPNC collaboration members

   Professor G. Gwinner, Spokesperson, University of Manitoba [link]
   Professor G. D. Sprouse, SUNY Stony Brook [link]
   Dr. J. A. Behr, Research Scientist, TRIUMF [link]
   Dr. K. P. Jackson, Research Scientist, TRIUMF [link]
   Dr. M. R. Pearson, Research Scientist, TRIUMF [link]
   Professor L. A. Orozco, University of Maryland [link]
   Professor V. V. Flambaum, University of New South Wales [link]
   Professor S. A. M. Aubin, College of William and Mary

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